Dear students,

Springtime is here and with it come the Student Union elections.
As the UT Student Union we work to make sure the studies of our 13 000 students go smoothly and that they have someone to share their concerns and joys with. Of course, we do not merely take the role of a listener — we cheer you on in your success and do our best to help you overcome the hardships.

Altogether, there are nearly 150 representatives and the contribution of each of them is valuable. If you feel that you have the enthusiasm to stand for the rights and well-being of your peers and create change already during your studies, run to become a student representative. In return you get valuable connections, a large group of friends and an experience beneficial later in life.

Are you afraid that you are not yet informed enough about university life? None of us knows everything about this complex system and a fresh pair of eyes always help. Are you a PhD student doubtful of whether you can relate to students’ concerns and benefit from representing? This year we have actually paid quite a lot of attention to PhD studies, giving feedback to both the university-wide and national Doctoral studies reform. Upon joining UTSU, you can chime in on precisely those topics you feel passionate about and make sure your ideas reach university administration. Challenge yourself and contribute to making the university better!

The application period lasts from 20 April to 3 May and you can run for both the Institute and the Faculty Student Councils. Make sure to keep an eye out for messages from your own institute and faculty and read more about what representing entails.